Monday, July 26, 2010

Love is blind...?

Seeing what happened to our celebrities nowadays ( you know who I mean),maybe will make us thinking..what are you looking for in your life..? why human never satisfied with their life..?

Do you think love is (really) blind..? no it's not ..
It's you who don't want to see the truth...
It's you who don't want to see the reality..

You have a great family..great have everything you want..then why you sacrificed everything for a false happiness..?

You might said that " ouwh my hubby/wife doesn't care about me..he/she doesn't love me as much as he/she loves me.

Don't you ever think back why you choose him/her to live with you..? why would you prefer someone else that you just now..? you don't even know what does he/she wants exactly from even never now whether he/she really loves you..from the bottom of his/her heart .. or he/she only wants something from you..

You can always easily forgive him/her eventhough you know that he/she lie to you..but you will so angry with your hubby/wife for only a small things..'s only a light story..from the surrounding reality who everyone can see it..

*...Love is the condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own...*

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