Thursday, February 12, 2009

Padang and surrounding


Padang is the capital city of West Sumatra - Indonesia.It also known as the biggest city in West Sumatra Province.The city is served by Minangkabau International Airport in Ketaping, Padang Pariaman.It's about 2hrs driving from Padang City.There is also an Harbour there,called Teluk Bayur Harbor which known as a largest and busiest harbor on the west cost of Sumatra.The traditional house of Padang is known as "Rumah Gadang" house with a roof like a cow's horn.


For sure..most of Indonesian people must be like Padang cuisine and nowadays a lot of foreigner also like Padang cuisine.Padang Restaurant are spread and common troughout the country,and even in overseas.It famous for their spicy food and uniqe way of serving it.Once customer come in,the servant will immediately brings all the foods with their hands only,it around 6 more plates put on their hands.So,if you are on travelling and feel very starving, I recommend you to come to Padang can eat it immediately.. no need to wait..:)
In here, the table will quickly be set with dozen of smalls dishes filled with highly flavored foods,like : curry fish,curry chicken,barbeque chicken,"tunjang" / curry meat, fried hot "tempe", curry cow brain,vegetables,sambals and of course "kerupuk kulit" and "rendang", "rendang" is the most common Padang dishes troughout the country.Another best dish of Padang cuisine are: Satay,soto padang and ketupat sayur (ketupat sayur is serve for breakfast,and the other serve in the afternoon or evening).

Padang is also known as a transit point for surfer traveling to Batu Island and Mentawai Island.Both are the best place for surfer.From Samudra street until Puruih,there is a Padang beach which also known for its beautiful sunset and hundred of food stalls,with a fantastic view.It also served cafetaria,boat rent and chilrend playground.It's very nice place for picnic with your family.

Around 2hrs drive from Padang, you can go to Bukittinggi.This city is famous with their Big Clock or common with "Jam Gadang".
The weather is cold and fresh,different with Padang which have a warm temperature.Many tourist places there,one of the famous there is Ngarai Sianok - it a very nice valley with a small river in the bottom and Singgalang & Merapi mountain as a background.

1. Cassava spicy chips (is the most famous "oleh-oleh from Padang)
2. Padang handycraft, such as:hand bag,key holder,sandals,wallet,etc and of course it made with etnic material and "Minang"'s logo on it.

1. Hotel Bumi Minang (****) located at Jl.Bundo Kanduang No.20-28 - Padang
2. Hotel Pangeran Beach (****) located at Jl.Ir.Juanda No.79 - Padang
3. Hotel Inna Muara (***) located at Jl.Gereja no.34 - Padang

Actually,there are a lot of interesting tourism place in West Sumatra,but I will tell it in another posting.

Interesting to go to Padang..? let's go..

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