Friday, February 13, 2009

Danau Maninjau - West Sumatra

One of amazing tourism place in West Sumatra is Lake Maninjau or common called with "Danau Maninjau". It located at Agam Regency or about 16 km west Bukittinggi.Minang's people believe that this lake is occure due to of "Bujang Sembilan" (9 man) legend.Based on the legend, one of this "Bujang" was plop down into the canyon,it become wider everyday and now the lake happen there.The temperature is cold and the view is very nice.So quite,so peacefull.Really amazing and suitable for relax.

To reach there, we have to go trough curve road which famous called with name "kelok 44" (becuase there are 44 curves in this road).Nowadays,there is also a famous tourist place, it's Puncak Lawang which located about 1.210 M highest from the sealevel.From here,we can enjoy the view of Danau Maninjau and Indonesia Ocean.And not really far from Puncak Lawang, we can also visit "embun pagi".The atmosphere there is cold and comfort.You can spread your eyes to enjoy all the beautiful nature that GOD created.
Beside that,if you visit Danau Maninjau,is not complete yet if you're not visit "Kolam Tiga Rasa" (Three taste pool) which located at Melintang.Based on the name,this place has 3taste:sweet,sour and bitter.People's around there believe that the water can cure various of skin problem and can make your skin stay younger.

So...interest to try..? why not..?

Nuansa Maninjau Resort (***):
Embun Pagi - Matur Mudik Kab. Agam
West Sumatra
Phone (+62) 752 61555
Fax. (+62) 752 861888

(It's my favourite resort:)the view is very good..)

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