Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Text Link Ads

This morning when I checked my email, I found an email from Text Link Link Ads (TLA) support with title:"Your inventory was accepted".Surprise..? off course..because few days ago they had declined my applications,but this morning suddenly they came back and accepted my application!

Believed that most of you must be know about this program.Yes,once TLA accepted our application,they will give us a code to be installed in our blog.Then just wait for the buyer to place their ads to our blog.The price offer from Text Link Ads to the advertisers is from $10 (minimum price),then we'll get 50% from the offered price.Interest to try your luck with Text Lind Ads? Why not? Just registered here
Payment will transfer automatically when reach $25 to paypal. Haven't got paypal account yet? registered here


  1. what did they say when you submitted first????before accepting??

  2. First email that I received they said that "my submission was declined" but then..after several days,they get back to me and said that"my inventory was accepted"

    Maybe they review the web periodically, then when they review my blog again, it is meet their requirement...? (,")..


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