Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Holiday..and back to work..:-)

It's a bright day today, and I have go back to the office again ..(well,actually my office is still operating during holiday).But...why I am feeling sleepy now...(huaahmm..:)
During 5 days holiday I spent all my time with my family (and off course my children was so happy knowing that their parents not working for few days..

We were spent our time just in Jakarta and Bogor,(initially were plan to go to Bandung but was high traffic).
Ok,here is the story ..

- Saturday,Dec 27th 2008 : We were going to my son's school to take his report (my daughter got it on last Saturday),the report was good.Then,we go straight to "a place" that their requested to coincide our promise:-).After they got what they want..play at the playground..having a lunch..(and also got tired),we went home (in the late afternoon).But they asked to play "off road" tomorrow in Bogor ...

- Sunday,Dec 28th 2008 : We were departed to Bogor around 08:00 and arrived there around 09:00 (quite crowded).Once arrived,my children go straight to "off road" area.After that..play another games..here..and there...lunch..and went home..Btw, when we were on the way to Bogot,we saw some bus went to Taman Mini then my children also request to go to Taman Mini (my eldest son only came twice there and my daughter just 1 time ..:).So..tomorrow morning we'll go to Taman Mini Indonesia Indah..

- Monday, Dec 29th 2008 : Departed to TMII around 07:50 and arrived there around 08:30.Visit "Istana Anak",learn about Indonesian culture,visit"Rumah Adat",ride bumper car,sky lift,monorel,mini train,and bought souvenirs.

In my opinion, TMII is a good place to study and leisure.We can learn about historical thing at museum,learn about animal,plant,Indonesian culture.We can see "Indonesia" from above (use skylift.After lunch..everybody happy....we went home..

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