Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Actually, I was going to write about this yesterday (on mother's day / 22 Dec'08) but (unfortunately) I have a lot of work to do at office. Well, better late than nothing right..? Few days before mother's day my kids was busy thinking what gift that they will give to me for mother's day ,especially my 2nd child (she's 3 years..just pre-school).

In the morning on 22 Dec'08 (Mother's Day)they give me a hug and kiss,and say "Happy mother's day" ..of course..I'm very happy..no one ask them to do that, it just their inisiatif. But then they said.."but we still do not have a gift for mama.." I told them "the best gifts for me is if all of you keep love and care each other.."
When I was back home (after work all day) I found my eldest son still busy preparing something (he's 7 years) and said that it secret.Almost 9 PM he just finish his work,came to me and give it the thing to me.He said that'this is a gift for mama' wow..he made a nice car from an ex-box for me.
Thank you my sweetheart..you are all my everything..I love you all my beloved children..

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