Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Everybody...have a nice Long Holiday...

Tomorrow,a long week end is coming.But today, I am still end up at the office,doing some works that make me headache :-).As an employee at one company who works in emergency field and operated 24hrs, there is no "real" day off for staffs will surely keep calling me for some approvals, anytime..anywhere...Eventhought I was also taking care my child who got sick,or was sleeping, in the middle of the night,I still have to back up my staffs for any cases.Thank GOD my husband is always support me and understand with the situation .

Yup..emergency things can't wait and we'll never know when is emergency will happen.All we have to do is stand by 24hrs to assist all members (and also other peoples) who need our assistance to help them facing their emergency situation.
I still remember on last "lebaran" holiday,one of our client need our assistance to move their member from Bali to Singapore ASAP due to her sickness,and during my holliday,I keep contacted by my staffs (who stand by at the office) that needs my advise and approval (especially in related with money or quotation).However..our holiday still pleasant and everybody happy...

Ok..Happy long holiday..and for all my staffs..keep up the good work urgent situation during this coming holiday...

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