Thursday, December 11, 2008

Become a Work At Home Mom

Creating this blog is my first step to reach my dream become a working at home mom. Actually, I initially created this blog is because I joined SFI. So I can write everything about SFI affiliate.
We only need to register (for free) then we can earn money by promoting our link
Doing blogwalking here and there...browsing here and there..then I realize that a lot of source to earn money on line! So I was thingkin, why don't I maximize this blog? I can earn more income from this blog! and become a working at home mom soon (I hope!). Then I applied adsense,join more affiliate program which can give me passif income . Now, I just joined KlikRupiah .The program is very simple, just join for free. After become a member, off course we can login to their website.Then we only need to click the advertising,view it for around 31 second, done! we got the money add to our account.Very simple!However..we have to still active promoting our link and blog.Then I joined more advertising camp and try to keep promoting my blog.Also..I got more friends,more knowledge and more info due to blogging..
Keep up the good blogging


  1. Anonymous4:19 PM

    Nice story,hope you can be a work at home mom soon

  2. Melvi1:18 PM



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